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Why Tatami is HOT?


Tatami, there is a more and more popular key words in the recent years, in the coming house decoration season this year, Tatami was pushed to a new high trend again, There shows us its  more and more interesting and popular in family. 
1、Why needs Tatami?      
    According to the designers experience, and the market demand feedback, there is some reasons as follow: 
        (1)The Bed room is too small.

      (2)Make it more function for reading room

      (3)To own a relax area or tea room. 

2、What Tatami brings to you?
Make the small bed room reasonable, the reading room interesting, but how it carry out, let’s go through it:

   (1)Room space utilization
Compared to the ordinary bed, Tatami can take care every corner of the room, there is the key point for the poor bedroom.

     (2)Simple and nice looking

                  There will be many corner or small gap looks messy when laying the normal furniture, but Tatami could make it to be a set. For example, the book-self, bed, table   could be concentrate into one, even hide when it unnecessary. 

          (3)Strong storage
The base of Tatami all is storage cabinet, there could make the room tidy and happy the people when enter.